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Hello! I've been so quiet these days, lol. Mainly because I am too busy wrapping things up and prodding them into their right places in time for the end of semester. Only two weeks left to do all of that, so you'll probably not see me for a little while.

Not to say that my life has been incredibly uneventful, no. Despite the insanity that end-of-semester brings, I still find time to unchain myself from the computer and go out and do stuff. Like attend Mr Farid's wedding! Prettiest wedding yet, if I may say so myself. I also had a full day in the studio on Toosday working off my fail photography $k!lLz. It only led me to realize just how much harder I need to work to improve my photography. 

Anyway, I'm going out again tomorrow for a very belated birthday celebration with Esmond & Co, with the VGL afterwards. Which means I have to work hard tonight so I won't hang myself on Sunday. Work hard, everybody! Work hard now so that we can enjoy ourselves silly later! :D

If all else fails, jump about and scream the way we did! Have a happy weekend!