Head in the Game

It's that time of the month again, folks. The time of...you know. Stuff. =P.

Anyway, there's the whole hype with Diablo 3 and all the guys have turned into girls and the girls have turned into guys...ahh..the things video games do to you =P. I'm actually probably going to be just as testosterone-filled when Assassin's Creed 3 and DMC: Devil May Cry come out later in the year. Laawd, give me the strength! Give me the strength to not trip, yo. 

I've been watching a twee bit too much of Gabriel Iglesias these days. Excuse me.

Video Games Indonesia

The younger, new and improved Dante is badass in his own way, I guess. I did feel a whole lot of disappointment when I watched the first trailer though. I thought he was just fugly, lol. But subsequent trailers and gameplay videos show that there's a whole lot more to this scruffy, black haired punk. 
I see redesigned Ebony and Ivory, or is this pair of dual guns different from the classic pair we've all come to love? The long coat is too reminiscent of Nero for me, though. Now they look like brothers of the same wardrobe, lol. 


I am very, VERY hyped for AC3 though. What with the new protagonist, Connor aka Ratonhnhak√©:ton. The updates of gameplay by Ubisoft read like something from Skyrim. Skinning bears and wolves and shyt. Lol. I don't know just how they plan on topping the gloriously detailed world of Renaissance Italy, but I can bet this game is going to be biiiig. 
Connor has dual pistols. Just like Dante. Lol.
I found the trailers a tad bit disappointing though. Compared to the past 3 trailers, the cinematics for AC3 is just...not at all up to par. Is it because the game's still in development? Will they release a shyt awesome trailer later or something? Because, seriously, I can't see how this trailer can stand up to its past brothers (see what I did there? Lol.). When I first watched the Brotherhood and Revelations trailers I was just blown over completely. I thought that shyt was real! O^O Anyway, I shall not judge games by their trailers and just wait...and pray. Haha.
I wonder how the soundtrack will be like. Really. And I'm hoping that The Glitch Mob will be having a hand in DMC's soundtrack. That'd be the icing on ze cake!!

It's Friday tomorrow, yay! Plenty of things to do, and I hope I won't lose my cool doing them. Have a great weekend everybody!