Strawberry Mob


These shoes by Vans  just screams adorable. I saw it on sale in Mid Valley yesterday and all I could do was go 'OH NOES I HAVE TO SAVE DON'T TEMPT ME SALES NOOOOO X.X'. Lol. It was RM199 with 40% off so...yeah. Still pretty expensive. I wonder if it'll still be available when they start putting up the 70% off tags, haha =P. 
But, really! It's so purdy!!! XD. Look at the adorable little red and green spots on the off-white canvas! It reminds me exactly of a dish of strawberries and cream ^O^. And the pretty neutral colours mean that it'd be great with almost everything, from jeans to a light cotton dress. Something casual with a just enough berrylicous twist to it. They are also very comfortable; it felt snug and a bit padded, unlike the stiff, flat feeling you sometimes get with plimsolls. I tried the one on display (it was my size! Oh God the temptation! XD) and I fell in love with the feeling of it on my foot, seriously. Haha. 

I'll prolly just have to add this to my wishlist, because May is the month where I solemnly swear I shall not spend on any unnecessary items. Which seems to me awfully hard because apparently May is the time of mega sales and final assignments. I have a bad feeling I'm going to go broke simply by printing and whatnot. At least I have a semi-full larder, so I needn't be to worried about starving. 

Starving. Haha. Yeah, right Joanne. The day you starve is the day you decide to go on a diet XD. 

Anyway, it may interest you that Esmond got me into listening to this awesome Dubstep trio called The Glitch Mob. 

The Glitch Mob

I don't know why it took me so long to blog about them, haha. It's been a long while since I've come across an album that pleases me almost 99%. Somehow their musical style comes off as unique to me. Because most of the time when I listen to Dubstep I can't tell one track apart from the other. Listening to Glitch Mob I visualize each track as individual droplets of carefully crafted jewels (wow, did I just overdo the imagery? =P). Wonderful melodies with something that feels almost cinematic, like what you'd expect from a blockbuster soundtrack. I was surprised that I could be so impressed with a Dubstep album, really.
*Edit: Esmond has corrected me to say that The Glitch Mob is not actually a Dubstep trio, but a glitch group. As their name implies, lol. I guess I can't quite tell the difference as I generalize the lot into electronic music. Which I shouldn't. I know that now. Amitābbha.
Oh, and did I mention just HOW awesome The Glitch Mob are? They have selected tracks on their website up for FREE download. Their latest is a half hour mixtape that features big names like Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Daft Punk. I can't think of anything but respect for them, yo. And to maybe purchase their next album when it comes out 8D.
I'm not sure how many of you have heard of their music, but there's no harm trying them out, especially if you're a Dubstep fan. One of their remixes was featured in the DMC: Devil May Cry trailer. Which reminds me that I have not rambled about my excitement of the game XD. Stay tuned for that!

Weather's awfully sunny. Time to work hard at being productive! What are your plans for the weekend? Hyped up for the Mother's Day celebration? Unfortunately I can't be home for that, but I hope everyone else will have a good time celebrating with their mothers this weekend =).

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