Contentment v.1.1

Hello everybody, and a happy belated Wesak day to all of you! Lord Buddha is indeed the wisest of the wise; He knows just what to say, like the quote I've decided to put here today. Sometimes in our struggle to rise to the top, we overlook the simpler, yet more important goals we should achieve in life. It all sounds easy, but I believe it is like design: the simpler it is the harder to achieve. 
When I read some of Buddha's teachings, I'd imagine Him to be something of a Saint Obvious (apologies for the crass comment!). He states the obvious, and if everyone were already practicing what He preached, you'd imagine millions of people going 'ya don't say?' at Him XD. But that's just it. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what should come with our priorities. Not constant nagging or heavy, monotonous droning stuffed into our ears. It's more like a gentle whisper of a breeze, or the pattering of raindrops, or a friendly nudge from a good friend. Thoughtful words that make us go, "oh yeah, I should pay more attention to that, too".

It's so easy to stray from the path of contentment, what with all the temptations around us. I guess as long as we remember to feel content with what we already have, then we would all be happy. For me, I think feeling content is the key to happiness and I try to remember all the nice things that have happened to me. It's not worth it, comparing and feeling bitter or resentful. I admit I do feel that too, sometimes. But hey, we're all not perfect. It's important that we acknowledge that we feel that way, and then try to curb it. That's winning half the battle already =).

Monday tomorrow! Lots of things to do this week! Have fun!