Midnight Shoe Post: Part Two!

Don't ask me why I have so much time to go about blogging about shoes. I don't know why either. It's a female thing, ya know? We are attracted to fancy footwear the way a horse would be to shiny metal horseshoes. Not sure if they ARE attracted to U-shaped pieces of metal being nailed into their feet but....okay. Nevermind.
I like shoes, you like shoes, we ALL like shoes! \ ^O^ /

I like T-bar flats! There I've said it. Haha. I love how it reminds me of Enid Blyton characters and daisies with yellow centres and brilliant green grass and bright blue skies. Storybook childhood, that's the very two words I'm looking for. Yes. 

Love the little hearts on this one! It looks like something Alice would wear to the Queen of Heart's tart party or afternoon tea with her imaginary friends :D.
This one is simple and no-nonsense. Perfect to girly up any outfit :D. Any friends from Indonesia wanna help me buy this? Lol. The store is based in Indonesia, but I don't know how they charge for international shipping. I know it's 60rm for this pair, but hey, it's full leather so I've no complaints :D.


I tried on an awful lot of shoes yesterday in Mid Valley, lol. Simply because I was trotting after Esmond as he was in search of his futsal boots. But then we popped into one or two shoe stores for good measure ;). I tried these on in the new Mango Touch outlet and they were waaaaow. It's a statement pair without being obscenely loud or horribly uncomfortable! I love the dyed edge and the weave! It actually reminds me of those rattan balls they use for sepak takraw...maybe that's where MNG got their inspiration from? XD.

Funny how I remember that I once made a post about these moustache flats, though I can't seem to find said post anymore. But here they are again! I think these could make a simple holiday DIY project, along with those fancy glitter flats I've been wanting so much. Ooh, sudden inspiration! What if I made a stencil and had GLITTER MOUSTACHES on my flats??? :DDD. That's it. I'm so going to try that out. Lol.
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What kind of shoes do you like? Sky high stilettos? Holey pair of trainers? Flip flops? Whatever they are, I hope they are comfortable and make you happy every time you look down at your toes. Cheers~!