How's life you ask? Hm, it's fancy. I've been doing/done quite a lot of what I've wanted to do. I've gained sufficient knowledge to not get lost in KL city, I've eaten (still am- expect to see me as a round tub soon) most of the food on the food-I-missed-and-want-to-eat-again list and going steadily down it, my room's a mess with the stuff I brought back from KL, I'm downloading the world into Ronald...

...and still I'm not satisfied.

No, I lie. I'm actually pretty contented. But. I've got nagging thoughts. I feel as if I've gone through sandpaper; pieces of me flaking away and disappearing forever, so that I can only look back but never have again. Is that what new experiences do to you, I wonder? Does it give you new knowledge but take away old parts of you, parts you never really knew you had until you realized you were missing -something-?

Ouch. Ronald's giving me electric shocks. Apparently this is a normal thing with Macs, because the magnetic charger is not earthed. So I can be going 'type type type' then 'OWWWW Ronald what'd you do THAT for?! D='.

Sorry, that was a lame attempt to change the topic.

This isn't suppose to be like this. I'm not suppose to leave for three months and come back feeling at least 10 years older. Perhaps being thrown into a completely new situation where you have to fend entirely for yourself teaches you things. Much as you don't want to. It's not as if it was a period of torture and pain and loneliness. If it had been I might have at least a reason to be pissed off and tearing my hair screaming. But it was the complete opposite. I had so much fun three months felt like three seconds. One moment I was planning my day-to-day life, doing my assignments, stalking (*cough*) random people, making new friends, learning new things; next moment boom. I suddenly feel as if I've warped into a completely weird asshole with no aim in life.

Maybe that's what holidays do to you. The lack of activity in a once activity filled life to the point that there weren't enough hours in a day to do them all makes your brain go 'wha...?' then go blank from shock. Yeah, I can just imagine my brain going '!!!!' then popping off black. Haha.

It's that or I just need to catch up on my sleep.

Yeah. I need sleep.