I amaze myself a.k.a a Sunday adventure

I amaze myself with my ability to remain calm during panic-stricken situations.

Maybe it was the shock. Yeah, has to be the shock. I mean, seriously. I swear to God I have not in the least bit idea how it happened. One moment I was standing up (I even remembered telling myself to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before I stood up) to get off the bus. Next moment I was opening my eyes and I see a whole buncha people freaking out around me. And all they could say was 'Omg so much blood x10000'. Pfft. Oh come on. I haven't even got to that yet. Though I did manage to notice that them red stuff was all over me. On my head and face, my hands and arms, all over my shirt (damn, I bet that L4D shirt never looked better, lol), even on my jeans. Wonder where that all came from.
Told myself I had to remain calm. No point freaking out with everyone else (and I even remember thinking if I were to start crying I'd choke on my own tears and that'd suck balls) and going hysterical. I don't know where all that calmness came from, but I thank the heavens it was there and it still is. Called Cat, and when she was there she was panicking too (only the dear Lord knows how bad I feel about panicking all these dear kind souls). And that sweet man behind me who loaned me his jacket, THANK YOUUUU. I have no idea how to thank you T^T. When some weirdo getting off the bus in front of you just collapses and you jump to her aid...talk about herottitude. Anyways, the management came up with a nice little minivan and sped Cat and me and me bloodied belongings (didn't realize just how bloody till later...am still in wonder that all of that came outta just one being) to Serdang Hospital ER. Had to go for Xrays, tetanus shot and stitches for an 8cm cut on me upper left forehead. Dear Lord, HOW did THAT happen?! O____o. Somewhere along the waiting way Esmond came (only the dear Lord knows just how much better that made me feel). But...seriously. All along the way, no fear, no nothing. In a way, thank God for shock? =S.

One thing I sure as hell knew I was afraid of. I was afraid of not being able to see those faces one more time and tell them I loved them. Never in my life did I once get that feeling, or thought I'd have someone to have that feeling towards. Now that I do I really really don't want to have to feel that way again.

7 sutures. The guy who did it for me jokingly said twas the 7 Wonders of The World LOL. It's gonna hurt as if all them 7 wonders were falling on me when I take them all of, I bet D=. And I'm this one step closer to getting the skinhead/mohawk of my dreams. Oh the ironies of it all.

Anyway, to all you out there who helped me out and spared me a thought and a prayer, big big big thank you to you guys. It makes me feel a lot better to know that all of you care ='). Love you guys. I'll definitely heal at super instant-noodle speed at this rate, lol.


Sometimes you can't get all that you want


so you just gotta make do with what you already have.

Yeah, talk about sooper colourful shoes right? I guess I should be eating my words when I said I'd not get any other pair but the Koinoboris =P. But tis the love of me lovin' parents, so who am I to say no, right? XD. And talk about drenched in colour! Reminds me of my own works of long ago. Oh how faraway those times feel when I'd be hunch over me desk colouring away in me happy little world. Good times man, good times =D. Keep the productivity up Joanne~! You gotta keep those creative juices flowing and keep working to create that next big drowned-in-colour shyt you're apparently so good at doing XD.

I guess it is normal to come across occasional hiccups now and then. It's okay, isn't it? Nothing's perfect. If you're going to find out all the similarities, it's inevitable that you'd find out the differences too. And if you can accept and rejoice in the first it's only fair that you do to the same with the latter. That's what I think anyway. I can't expect every single Tom Dick and Harry (why this three names by the way? I've always wondered. I think in an average individual's network of acquaintances, I doubt they know even one person named Tom Dick or Harry =/) to be able to think and accept things the way I do. If such was the case the world would be a very very warped place indeed.

Then again, I might just flip =/

Such a cool grey day. One of those days when you feel like doing nothing much but zone out and wait for the rain to come down and drown out all the worries, all the nonsensical fears, all those nagging doubts from your heart and mind.



And I'm back for the weekend! 8D. Going to be a crazy 3 days...got a cwapload of assignments to complete, most should be able to be finished quickly if I set my mind to it and get my ass working XD. It's all fun, yeah. It should be, supposed to be, will be. No complaints =D.

Got so many interesting things that I want to try out in regards to photography. It's not something quite so static; or should I say it's the static-ness of photography- the fact that there is hardly anything to create because it's all about the things that are already there- that pushes the photographer's creativity to the ultimate level. You have to think and look from all angles and manipulate everything in your surroundings in order to achieve near-perfection. I'm in awe at the ingenuity of photographers, and from hard work I hope to be able to grasp all those $k!lLz one day myself =D.

Gosh, when and why on earth did I start spelling $k!lLz like that?! Lol.

Anyways, start and complete them fancy assignments and I shall have more time to experiment and enjoy. I shall return with more rambles later =D.