Sometimes you can't get all that you want


so you just gotta make do with what you already have.

Yeah, talk about sooper colourful shoes right? I guess I should be eating my words when I said I'd not get any other pair but the Koinoboris =P. But tis the love of me lovin' parents, so who am I to say no, right? XD. And talk about drenched in colour! Reminds me of my own works of long ago. Oh how faraway those times feel when I'd be hunch over me desk colouring away in me happy little world. Good times man, good times =D. Keep the productivity up Joanne~! You gotta keep those creative juices flowing and keep working to create that next big drowned-in-colour shyt you're apparently so good at doing XD.

I guess it is normal to come across occasional hiccups now and then. It's okay, isn't it? Nothing's perfect. If you're going to find out all the similarities, it's inevitable that you'd find out the differences too. And if you can accept and rejoice in the first it's only fair that you do to the same with the latter. That's what I think anyway. I can't expect every single Tom Dick and Harry (why this three names by the way? I've always wondered. I think in an average individual's network of acquaintances, I doubt they know even one person named Tom Dick or Harry =/) to be able to think and accept things the way I do. If such was the case the world would be a very very warped place indeed.

Then again, I might just flip =/

Such a cool grey day. One of those days when you feel like doing nothing much but zone out and wait for the rain to come down and drown out all the worries, all the nonsensical fears, all those nagging doubts from your heart and mind.