...How did things end up this way, I wonder? XD

Sem 2= CRAAAAZYY BABY! Ohmaigoodness I can't even begin to BELIEVE just how insane it all was. Everyday was different from the next. I keep learning and falling and picking myself up and laughing. Seriously, I never had so much fun in my life. Not even high school days can compare to all that I've been experiencing.

And now, it ends as this.

<3 <3 <3

Here's hoping that sem 3 is even more epic, lol.

BRING IT ON! <3 <3 <3


I feel like rolling round and round and round squealing

>w<  >w< >w<

<3 <3 <3 



Man, I haven't been up this early since high school XD. Oh wait, last time I was up this early was for that purply wedding I went to last year. Haha.

Okay, okay, so I haven't slept at all. I think it's a bit too early into my tertiary education to be pulling all nighters. If this continues my liver will burn into a little baby crisp and I'll die a painful, heated, liverless death XD.

Hahahaha, I have no idea why I feel so alert. It's not as if I'm not tired, I am. If I were to put my head on a pillow (or even the table in front of me, for that matter), I'd snooze my way to dreamland and probably never wake up. Oddly enough, I just feel a slight fuzziness at the back of my head, rather tired eyes and the urge to poop XDDD.

Dear God, semester two literally WHIZZED past, didn't it? I can still remember the beginnings of it. Heck, I can still remember the day of first sem when I was lost and met Clara for the first time in front of the Bursary. I wish I had a camera to capture that moment. It'd have made an awfully nostalgic photo to look back at when we graduate. But now there're only...3 more days? Less than 3 days left of sem 2 and here I am, typing away and a not-so-emo-blog-post-compared-to-the-other-emo-posts-before-this-one and I've had a whole night without sleep behind me. And it's about time for me to prepare myself to go to campus to do my group final presentation =D.

Shocking, I know. But that's the truth so oh well, let's face it happeh.

It was awesome though. The whole experience. So much things I've learnt. All the uber uber uber fun times and laughter and manic screaming and profanity and over-exploitation of brain cells and arguing and more screaming and more laughing and rude jokes and laughing and....yeah. You get the point, hahaha. Trust me, I've learnt SO much more than I thought possible working with 4 crazily happy guys XD. Oh am I going to miss working with them. Only dear Akito up there will know how much, haha. I wonder how it'd be like next semester. Will I return to the girly side of the classroom and it's the Fantastic Four guys again? Haha. Only time will tell. No one should try speculating the future. It spoils all the fun. Looking back now all I can do is laugh and giggle at the memories. Happy memories, they are.

Guys, thank you so much for making semester 2 in LUCT such an awesome one for me. It was probably difficult as hell to work with someone as stubborn, demanding, and completely inconsistent as me, but I hope you know just how grateful I am for you putting up with me. You guys are gawd-AWESOME and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with all of you in the future.

Hah, blogging has done exactly what I hope it would. Calm me down and center myself, so that I can focus on the day's excitement without having to worry about falling asleep on my feet instead of thinking on my feet. Let's go, guys! The Awesome Group! 8D

....I wonder if there's time for a snooze in the library? XD