Omgomgomg I can't believe I saw Westlife- LIVE! ^O^. I can die almost happy now, yes. Woohoo! I've learnt something though- and that is if you've made the decision to go see you favourite band live, the only thing sensible enough to do is to get a seat where you can actually SEE them on stage. Up at where I was sitting them Irish hotties were the size of my thumb =P.
Twas still an amazing experience, though. The lighting was just right, not overtly flashy. Westlife sang beautifully- as good as on album, if not better. It was just so unbelievable to hear songs I've been playing over and over on my itunes/MP4 being performed right there and then. And the members were really engaging during breaks. And then there was that lucky lucky man who proposed to the even luckier woman up on stage...man that was very epic indeed =D.

Shane! ^O^ Maigawd I think I've fallen in love with him all over again. I think he's still as handsome as ever, even after 12 years =D.

View of the stadium from my seat. Maigawd, the inclination was STEEP! O^O Could feel myself getting vertigo just looking down in front of me, lol. The good thing is that no irritating head blocked me throughout the show, even if the person in front of me were to stand up. And I was assured that when I stood up, no one behind me would be irritated XD.

I got to the stadium with Gee and Myra, and then met up with my sister there. Twas the first time Gee and her were to meet, lol. It was a super super super fun night though. No regrets of going whatsoever =D. Go Westlife! I'm so going to play your songs during my wedding, lol.

By the way, anyone know where I can find these pair of shoes? They look so simple yet quirky with the moustache design. Never saw them anywhere. I love the bright colours!!! ^O^

Anyway, return to assignments and to cook up something nice. Tomorrow be a very special day indeed >w<. Toodles~!

P.S: Holy caow 9 more posts!!!



I need to stop blogging. Here I am piling on the posts and nearing my 300th post and I haven't come close to even thinking of a new layout for me blog.

Anyways, I got PhotoStyler from my buddy Rizki today! Wait...not today, it be 12 now. Yesterday. Lol. PhotoStyler's an application for Mac that lets you fancy up your photos and shyt. Has a lot of presets to choose from, and it allows you to further edit the options after selecting one.
The layout is quite clean and simple; reminds me of iPhoto actually. But the window to edit presets is not very intuitive. Had to fiddle about n00b-ishly for a while before I got the hang of things. It's fun to play with, though. Especially when you've a bunch of photos taken for a street photography assignment lying about just waiting to be fancied up =P.

Don't know if I'll use these edited ones for my final submission, though. Much as they look nice, I'm not sure if I'd want them that way. I liked them as they were; not much reason for me to add any special effects.

Anyway, whether I do or not, I can share with you guys the effects I tried out when I was twiddling round =3. Also you can have a peek at what I'll eventually be submitting for my assignment:

Old postcard


Okee, off me go now. Shee joooooo <3


Wilt and Blossoms

I don't suppose many of you know that I lost my MP4 pouch. Or that you know that I even have a pouch for my MP4. Maybe you don't even know that I have not one, but two MP4s to begin with.
Now that you know all of that, yes. I lost my pouch.

But then my mum went and bought a new one for me!

Isn't it pretty? She bought it for RM12.90 in Tokyo Street, Pavilion. It's a whole lot girlier compared to the black and white stripy one that is now lost to me forever. But it's so oriental and pretty! And I love the material- it feels soft and has a nice leathery texture.

First day of October, friends. I hope all of you enjoyed today better than I did. With this pile of assignments before me to which I see no end of, all I want to do is go sleep. Yes, I shall go take a snoozle now.