I need to stop blogging. Here I am piling on the posts and nearing my 300th post and I haven't come close to even thinking of a new layout for me blog.

Anyways, I got PhotoStyler from my buddy Rizki today! Wait...not today, it be 12 now. Yesterday. Lol. PhotoStyler's an application for Mac that lets you fancy up your photos and shyt. Has a lot of presets to choose from, and it allows you to further edit the options after selecting one.
The layout is quite clean and simple; reminds me of iPhoto actually. But the window to edit presets is not very intuitive. Had to fiddle about n00b-ishly for a while before I got the hang of things. It's fun to play with, though. Especially when you've a bunch of photos taken for a street photography assignment lying about just waiting to be fancied up =P.

Don't know if I'll use these edited ones for my final submission, though. Much as they look nice, I'm not sure if I'd want them that way. I liked them as they were; not much reason for me to add any special effects.

Anyway, whether I do or not, I can share with you guys the effects I tried out when I was twiddling round =3. Also you can have a peek at what I'll eventually be submitting for my assignment:

Old postcard


Okee, off me go now. Shee joooooo <3