Silver Bell

Let's all face it now, folks. I'm about as consistent as a yoyo dangling on a rotten branch in the middle of a tornado. One moment I can be flinging three posts (daily) out into the wide open, the next moment you'd have thought I died, but then somehow a meagre excuse of a post pops out to remind you that I'm not. It's life, it has its ups and downs, and it's most probably not going to change unless I get paid for it. Because, seriously. Who reads all this anyway except myself? =P.

Anyway, it may be the middle of the year, but I went ahead and watched the Polar Express. Haha. Good storyline, but I feel as if there were a tad too many high-speed, out-of-control-whizzing scenes. Got a bit boring after awhile. And the dialogue was a bit unnatural, and bursting into a sudden song at completely random intervals is not really a good idea when the movie isn't even a musical-like production like most Disney movies. Most of the time I'm just thinking 'dafuq are they singing for?'

The idea is good though. That the musical jingle of the sleigh bells can only be heard by the true believers. I thought everyone could, but I guess you must be part of Santa Claus'...cause in order to hear it (that was an epic fail attempt at a pun, sorry). Moving on. I think people who genuinely embrace the spirit of Christmas, and believe in all its good cheer and tidings would be able to hear it. Do you think you could be one of the blessed few? One of the seasonal souls that can hear the gentle tinkle of Santa's sleigh?


I don't think I could. If I could it'd be drowned by the sound of my own heart breaking.


The Dark Knight Rises

I ain't gonna give out any spoilers, but I assure you, it is one heck of an awesome movie. No fan of Batman should miss this one. It was maybe a twee bit lengthy, and our dear caped crusader got very little screen time compared to the other movies before, but hey. I'm already giving more away than I wish to.
I saw Batman! He was sitting a few aisles up centre. In the darkness of the cinema I could see the silhouette of the pointy ears of his mask. Haha. I took a photo with him outside the cinema, and he was prolly only a forehead taller than I am, boots and all. Not much of a suit, but it did liven things up a little.

Anyway, go forth and watch The Dark Knight Rises everybody! I assure you, it will be worth every batty penny :D



Blue Skies and Sunshine~!

Well, there hasn't been much of them these days. It's been cloudy and cool for the past week, but hey, what's there to complain about that? :D

Yes yes, I know I'm three freaking years behind time, but The Princess and The Frog is so pretty and colourful! I think it's one of my favourite Disney movies. And the songs are stuck in my freaking head. I hear it in my ears when I'm about to sleep and wake up to it in my head. Haha. And Mama Odie is so adorable! With her happy pet snake Juju. I have a soft spot for slightly crazy old women, yes XD. And New Orleans suddenly seems to be the most alive and romantic places of all time, by the way it was portrayed. Now if only Disney made a movie set in Malaysia...we'd be the top destination of the world. Haha.

Last Sunday was the reunion of the beautiful and the crazy, literally (pun wholely intended). It was more or less a party, with presents, food, games and of course, camwhoring =P. But twas nice to be together again after all this while. It's almost as if we barely changed. I use the word barely, because some of us may just have gotten prettier (*pointstoself* 8D) and some of us may just have gotten a tad bit more narcissistic, but owh well. As long as we're all still together, right? =P

Anyway, I will be returning to the nowhere in a while more. This is my last week here, just so the world knows (not like you all care). It's been fun while it lasted, but I need to push the switch from 'holiday' back to 'hard work' so that I don't get back to class with the brain of a beached jellyfish XD. See you all soon!



"Dear friend, when was the last time you hugged someone?"

A parents' love is when they buy you books in languages you don't know, and then they translate and read it to you afterwards. It's not an easy thing to do, but that's love. And that is apparently how far my parents love can extend.

Even without anyone translating for me, I'm quite content to just admire the pictures, because Jimmy Liao is amazing ^O^.

So his new book (40th in the series of books) is called Hug, and it's about a sleepy lion with a red mane. Much huggles is given out in this book, involving a great variety of animals, from a pink elephant to a starfish. I've gone through half of the book so far (courtesy of my dad the translator of course), and I'm enjoying it. I want to know what happens to the lion in the end, though right now I can only guess what will happen.
I find it peculiar though. Somehow, the structure of the book reminds me of the fictional book in the book 'I Capture The Castle' (confused yet? =P); the one that Cassandra's father wrote: Jacob Wrestling. Hugs is oddly cryptic- or maybe I am thinking too much, haha. There are little twists to the story; not in plot, but in the way the words are presented. One page is written in the form of a song, and in another the sentences are arranged to form an 'X' shape. And some characters are not typed, but 'written', not sure if just a stylized whim or it has some sort of meaning to it. But anyhow, it all seems to set the mood just right, and the result is a pretty, colourful book that is just brimming with Jimmy Liao's amazing style and characters! I especially love the pastel mint and pink of the front cover. So so pretty ^O^.

Popular bookstores always has a promotion whenever a new Jimmy Liao book comes in. This is the only book of Jimmy's that I got in hardcover, because!! It comes in this gorgeous plastic folder with all the huggable characters on it! Also, inside is a detachable poster with said characters and a printed autograph. So happy ^_^. If ever I have kids, I'm going to read Jimmy's books to them. Of course that means my dad has a serious translating job to do =P. That or my husband has to be proficient in reading and translating Mandarin, lol.

The holidays are almost coming to a close! I hope everyone's been enjoying themselves. I've been watching a hell-load of movies. The Princess and The Frog was really good! My sister and I howled in laughter almost all of the time- the other times were just wowing over Disney's classic ingenuity and creativity. I am very much looking forward to the Dark Knight Rises. It's probably the only movie I've urged and pestered my sister to go watch (usually it's the other way XD).

It's the weekend again! TGIF everybody! Go hug someone! Your parents, your dog, the person sitting across you beating yo ass out at chess- anyone! Have fun ^O^.


Ah ah ah!

Oh noes! It's so quiet here, and suddenly it's July O_O.

It's only quiet because I haven't been doing much except holing up with the computer and refusing to partake in most social activities, or anything that involves me stepping out of the house. I'm turning into some sort of recluse or invalid. Consider this my hibernation period =P.

It's weird, because I see a lot of people on holiday and all they ever seem to do is go out with friends and shopping (heck, I know people that aren't on holiday and still do that almost every night). But that doesn't seem to work for me, no. I'm sorry dear friends, when holidays come I become more of a loner than I already am. Haha.

Anyway, how's the holidays treating everyone else? Been up to awesome things? I've been so unproductive the only thing I am willing to present to the world is my excrement, the more solid forms coming only once every two days. Haha. Okay you didn't need to know that =P. Anyway, to quote from that one great person: 'Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted', eh? So I'm going to continue being unproductive and enjoy it while I still can :D.

Happy holidays everyone! It's nice and rainy today, hope the weather's nice over there too!