Blue Skies and Sunshine~!

Well, there hasn't been much of them these days. It's been cloudy and cool for the past week, but hey, what's there to complain about that? :D

Yes yes, I know I'm three freaking years behind time, but The Princess and The Frog is so pretty and colourful! I think it's one of my favourite Disney movies. And the songs are stuck in my freaking head. I hear it in my ears when I'm about to sleep and wake up to it in my head. Haha. And Mama Odie is so adorable! With her happy pet snake Juju. I have a soft spot for slightly crazy old women, yes XD. And New Orleans suddenly seems to be the most alive and romantic places of all time, by the way it was portrayed. Now if only Disney made a movie set in Malaysia...we'd be the top destination of the world. Haha.

Last Sunday was the reunion of the beautiful and the crazy, literally (pun wholely intended). It was more or less a party, with presents, food, games and of course, camwhoring =P. But twas nice to be together again after all this while. It's almost as if we barely changed. I use the word barely, because some of us may just have gotten prettier (*pointstoself* 8D) and some of us may just have gotten a tad bit more narcissistic, but owh well. As long as we're all still together, right? =P

Anyway, I will be returning to the nowhere in a while more. This is my last week here, just so the world knows (not like you all care). It's been fun while it lasted, but I need to push the switch from 'holiday' back to 'hard work' so that I don't get back to class with the brain of a beached jellyfish XD. See you all soon!