Ah ah ah!

Oh noes! It's so quiet here, and suddenly it's July O_O.

It's only quiet because I haven't been doing much except holing up with the computer and refusing to partake in most social activities, or anything that involves me stepping out of the house. I'm turning into some sort of recluse or invalid. Consider this my hibernation period =P.

It's weird, because I see a lot of people on holiday and all they ever seem to do is go out with friends and shopping (heck, I know people that aren't on holiday and still do that almost every night). But that doesn't seem to work for me, no. I'm sorry dear friends, when holidays come I become more of a loner than I already am. Haha.

Anyway, how's the holidays treating everyone else? Been up to awesome things? I've been so unproductive the only thing I am willing to present to the world is my excrement, the more solid forms coming only once every two days. Haha. Okay you didn't need to know that =P. Anyway, to quote from that one great person: 'Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted', eh? So I'm going to continue being unproductive and enjoy it while I still can :D.

Happy holidays everyone! It's nice and rainy today, hope the weather's nice over there too!