Silver Bell

Let's all face it now, folks. I'm about as consistent as a yoyo dangling on a rotten branch in the middle of a tornado. One moment I can be flinging three posts (daily) out into the wide open, the next moment you'd have thought I died, but then somehow a meagre excuse of a post pops out to remind you that I'm not. It's life, it has its ups and downs, and it's most probably not going to change unless I get paid for it. Because, seriously. Who reads all this anyway except myself? =P.

Anyway, it may be the middle of the year, but I went ahead and watched the Polar Express. Haha. Good storyline, but I feel as if there were a tad too many high-speed, out-of-control-whizzing scenes. Got a bit boring after awhile. And the dialogue was a bit unnatural, and bursting into a sudden song at completely random intervals is not really a good idea when the movie isn't even a musical-like production like most Disney movies. Most of the time I'm just thinking 'dafuq are they singing for?'

The idea is good though. That the musical jingle of the sleigh bells can only be heard by the true believers. I thought everyone could, but I guess you must be part of Santa Claus'...cause in order to hear it (that was an epic fail attempt at a pun, sorry). Moving on. I think people who genuinely embrace the spirit of Christmas, and believe in all its good cheer and tidings would be able to hear it. Do you think you could be one of the blessed few? One of the seasonal souls that can hear the gentle tinkle of Santa's sleigh?


I don't think I could. If I could it'd be drowned by the sound of my own heart breaking.