It's here! Magical month of August, where nothing much happens and is no difference to the months before or after it. That's what you get for living in a place like Malaysia, with no change of seasons to speak of. Just hot hot hot oh look rain! and more heat =P.

Watched Spiderwick yesterday night. Twas fairyly interesting, lol. I wished there were more mystical creatures available though. Instead of just the handful of goblins and a flying half-bird and a honeyeater. And if only there were more fairies! The flower sprites were pretty enough, but they had such little screen time D=. It'd be so nice though, to live in the middle of a forest with magical creatures all about you.

I wouldn't want to live in the forest of my story though. Haha. Think it'd be a tad too creepy for my weak heart, even if it did come out of my imagination. Again, this story was just plucked out of my head. It's as if the time was just so, and out it popped, a newborn baby. My eyes were closing, and suddenly it appeared, the story in almost its whole form. All it needed was maybe some clothes and an ornament or two. 

Anyway, enjoy it and the new month of August. Happy days, everybody =).