Ever since I was little (yes, it's one of those nostalgic reminiscent posts =P), I'd always dreamed of having a house with my very own library. It doesn't have to be big, with high ceilings and shelves all the way up, till you need a ladder to reach the books. I'm short and accident-prone enough, thank you very much. The last thing I need is to rip a muscle straining to grab at the book just out of my reach and/or being buried under an avalanche of hardbacks. Which brings me to the other thing. My dream reading space would probably be even less valuable than the garage. There won't be priceless, first editions of everything. Leather bound tomes, papers edged with gold. I don't think the books I read even come like that. Haha. No, I think my library would be a motley of paperbacks: bright green Penguin classics, perhaps one or two hardbacks (I can see my hardback copy of Murakami's 1Q84 sitting on the shelf already), and plenty of children's books. Pop-ups, rhymes, and an entire collection of translated Jimmy Liao books. And definitely not forgetting Jacqueline Wilson, for the times when I just want to take a break from all the metaphorical grown up books and want something light and easy to read. 

It could be a room, or maybe just one section of a room that I can dedicate entirely to reading. Of course, there'll have to be ample space for my constantly growing collection, with magazines and comics besides. I always imagine a nice, large window with a cushioned seat. And plenty of pillows and a cuddly blanket! And the lights will be adjustable, so I can have them bright or dim whenever I fancy. There has to be lots of indirect light as well. I would love little table lamps that give off soft, yellow light. 

Or, how about a cosy spot in the attic? Right under the slanting ceilings, where the morning sun comes through the windows just so?

I particularly liked the idea of a little storage space under the seat for current reads! That way you could always keep track of which books you're currently sinking your teeth into. Also there has to be a lovely view outside to refresh the tired eyes :).

I came across this, and really, how do you not fall in love with something like this?
It is actually a closet converted into a reading corner for children. I love the painted wooden planks and the cloud pillows! Can't say much about the lamp, because I've grown up with those curly rimmed shades and I have to say, there are very few things more beautiful that the delicate glass frills of that lampshade. I don't know about you, but I sure would love to have a grown up's version of this! A place where you can shut yourself away from all the bustle and noise of the world. When you just don't want to listen to anything or anyone except the sound of the pages turning and the adventures reeling in your mind's eye.

And take a look at this! How gorgeous is this? The flowered curtain, and the comfy stuffed sofa pushed right up at the windowsill. All the days of doing nothing but reading and sipping at coffee! And there's nothing quite as cosy as wooden flooring. It just seems like a warm smile or a gentle hand. 

qc girl's nook
I'm sure everyone has their own idea of a perfect chill spot. And every one needs one. Because we can't all be part of a large group forever. I think it's human nature to want to break away once in awhile, break away from the raucous voices and troublesome 'lifely' woes like clogged sinks and dirty floors. Perhaps some of us just want to break away and stay out of the conversation for longer, but that's cool too. To each his own, right? 

It's funny, how I used to think myself as part of the lively crew, going out and doing things. But when I think back I know that that is nothing but a lie =P. I'm a stay-at-home person, full stop. Most of my childhood memories are reading books, making up adventures for my stuffed animals, and then later writing those adventures down into sentences and paragraphs, until I have stories. How many hours, no, I don't think I can quite measure it by hours. If I had to, I would measure those times by the number of batteries I went through, haha. Before the iPods, children, I had a Sony discman player that ran on AA's. Later on I got a Creative Rhombus MP3 that worked on AAA's. I think I bought enough batteries in my entire child-teenhood to power my house for five months, no kidding. Hahaha. But yes, I remember long afternoons and nights, when I was just plugged into whatever music that was making me go then, either writing away at my book or journalling or drawing. Oh my goodness, good times man. Good, good times.

And one day, I'm going to be able to enjoy those times again! When I get my own house and covert a corner of it to my own little sanctuary. How will yours look like? What will your little haven have? It'd be nice to know :).

I think this blog post is a twee bit too long XD. Hope you enjoyed it anyways. Happy Toosday night everybody!