Wheelie Wonders

I just saw something that reminded me about Gabriel Iglesias, and nothing could stop me from going 'WATERMELON WEDNESDAY!!' in my head XD. But all these 'Ws' lead me to another fantastical wobbly, wheely machine :D. 
I can't remember when was the last time I rode on a bicycle. Do you? And now with all the harmful fuel emissions and global warming, it seems good sense enough to turn to eco-friendly modes of transport. Living in Malaysia though, cycling seems near impossible. The traffic, roads, and scary people will put the thoughts of wheelies cycling far off anyone's mind. It'd be very nice if we all lived in fair weathered places that had designated cyclist lanes so we can ting-a-ling to a greener future =).

1. madsen cycles  |  2. viva bicycles
I did go a-googling for nice rides, and these two caught my eye almost instantly. Look at how pretty they are!! The Madsen bike comes with a passenger-cum-cargo bucket. It's probably going to be heavy if you load it up, but hey, how can you not fall in love with something so pretty? :D Besides the minty blue and pastel yellow, this bike comes in black, pink, and pink-with-black-bucket. Not cheap though, on-site this bike is going for 1,750$ O___O. The Viva looks just as gorgeous, though the price be unknown =P. Love the leather saddle!! ^O^. It seems to me a thing of a beauty. I'd like to see a classic woven basket on it, or maybe even a little lamp and funky bell. Talk about cycling in style! :D. Speaking of which, what would you accessorize your bike with (say you had one)? I came across these   awhile back, and heck even if I had no bicycle I would still buy them! :D

Sweet, hand painted bells! Comes in watermelon, orange, or ice cream flavours ;). I can imagine them smiling up at me as I pedal away...or just sitting on my desk and ringing every now and then. Lol.

Anyway, yes it's the middle of the week! And I've got things to do but as you can see I'm not doing them and instead am happily typing away here XD. Time to get serious then! Have a watermelon everyone, cause it's WEDNESDAY! 8D