If you actually understood what the initials stood for, well, good for you.

Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of the week-long Raya holidays! Here's to much celebrations and well-spent hours. No wasting time doing nothing, as I am about to do right now =P.

No, really, what's the entertainment industry doing these days. Has our mentality stooped so low, to the point that anything can be counted as remotely entertaining? Is a slightly tubby man prancing about pretending to ride a horse considered hilariously entertaining nowadays? Is everyone so bored that as long as someone is doing something weird and making it look good, it's going to be a major hit and start a new trend with rabid fans everywhere?

Imaginary iGallop via sassyjonghyun
You thought you've seen everything the internet has to offer, but you haven't.

I can't be the only one who watched this video and got a first impression that the rhythm is almost exactly like Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. Except that when Big Bang is singing about....well, whatever they were singing about, this PSY (I can't be the only person who thought it stood for something incredibly wrong) guy was singing about...Gangnam style. Which according to the explanation of my dear Korean friend Cheol is a district in Seoul, Korea where the wealthy and affluent live. It's kinda like the brothers rapping about 'da hood'....only this guy is in a suit and shades and prancing about on an apparently very energetic, very invisible pony. Of course, there's the crazily catchy beats, with the senseless tagline thrown in at all the appropriate intervals, with a snazzle of English words for good measure. 

Oh, and then there's the poorly timed explosion. There must always be a scene where the main guy walks away from an explosion. Besides a scene of said main guy prancing on top of a building with a skyscraper in the background (refer to top). Yes, this...thing has all the ingredients to make it the next '...huh?' sensation. 

via seoulsveil

Like it? Hate it? Each to his own I suppose. All I know is that there will be a new tune dominating the Raya medley for awhile. 

I need to do something a bit more productive than this. Farewell everyone! And don't forget to play this song on full blast the next time you clamber onto your iGallop. At least you'll look a lot more sensible than this man.