Candy Twitters

I'm going to save up my monies to expand my collection of markers. And no, too much is never enough. Besides, how can anyone resist such pretty names? ^O^. I'm imagining a seaside fair and little girls with pink ribbons in their hair, cheeks sticky with cotton candy wisps.

Because I was too bored, and because I can't seem to stop thinking about the pretty colours, I grabbed the colours off the Copic site, and played about with them. And this came out!

 I made it into my desktop wallpaper, and since I'm at it, hey, why not you fellas have a share of them birdies :D. I also put a paper texture as an experiment and I got a pretty nice hipster effect. Which do you like?

 Feel free to use it however you like, though re-blog/tweet/etc+credits would be most appreciated ;). Throw it onto your desktop! Update your cover photo! Or even print little squares of it and stick them all over your room! :D
Copic is always coming up with gorgeous colours, and maybe they wouldn't be so attractive if it weren't for the names that come with each new shade! I'd be so much happier if I didn't have to cry every time I take a marker or two to the check-out XD.

Anyway, it's the weekend everybody! I should be doing lots of other things, and I will. All in good time. Haha. Cheerio~!