Game On!

This post is going to be me squealing about games. Viewer discretion is advised. 

AAAAAAAAH ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 OMFGWTFBBQ asklaskjftllgssfjkts;;; *lé spazz*. 
I'm sorry, I realized I screamed too soon but I couldn't help it. Sorry =P. Allow me to deviate from the topic of AC for awhile. I'll get back to it, pinky promise.

Remember that previous post when I was moaning about the trailer for AC3? Lol. Here's how I got to watching the release trailer. I don't know how many noob people here have heard of E3 (aka Electronic Entertainment Expo) but I can very well admit I knew almost nothing about it, until I had kind fellow friends who explained it to me. 
Then I went and watched it online in the final week of my semester, at the peak of the busiest time in my life. 

Of course, I was very much aware of the consequences. And of course I did not watch it when I was drowning in my assignments; I actually watched it when I had nothing much to do (was redoing my Typography journal- what a coincidence that E3 fell on that day). Microsoft's presentation was up first, and I kinda watched/listened while I worked. 
Honestly I wasn't actually planning on watching it all. But then Halo 4 came on and thought I'd just watch a little, but I ended up sitting through the whole thing. Then Splinter Cell Blacklist came on and when it was over I was glad I could phone Esmond and go nuts over it. Seriously, I've never been happier. To be able to watch something and be excited over it with someone else. Never thought I'd be blessed with such good fortune ^O^.

I would not call myself an SC veteran, I think I'm more n00b than anything else as the only game I've played from the franchise is Conviction. But, I have to say I enjoyed that game very much, even if it was unorthodox compared to the previous games. I'm very much looking forward to this! The gameplay looks aweshums, and one of the coolest features they presented was a voice recognition system via Kinect. Holy smoly! Remind me again why I haven't a console? ><
 I didn't know that Ubisoft was planning on releasing a new SC so soon but now since it's been announced, hell, Earth please don't end in 2012, lol. My very materialistic wish is to be able to live to 2013 to play Blacklist and DmC.

DmC! I didn't watch the Capcom presentation because I was...asleep. I was asleep because I watched till 3.30 to realize that Ubisoft would only be presenting at 6pm (aka 6am) so I set my alarm to 5.50 and went to charge up slightly. But I watched the trailer when I woke up and...whoaaaah momma! The new game looks pretty darn swell! Dante is baaack with his trash talk and super stylish combat :D. And the new world just makes it all the sweeter. Neon lights, ferris wheels, clubs...Limbo just reminds me of Alice's Wonderland on demon drugs :D.


So I slept, and woke up a minute before my alarm went off, as always. Then I ambled off to turn my laptop on and waited for the Ubisoft presentation. They certainly knew how to build anticipation: they left AC3 till the end. But I was treated to the trailer for Blacklist, so that was alright. Then the AC3 trailer came about and the reasons why I didn't jump up and scream and wave my arms about were 1: there were sleeping people in the apartment, 2: it was 7am and 3: I was too excited I could only produce fishy bubbles and rubber ducky squeaks.

Holy shyt the trailer was UP there with the others, no lie. They certainly lived up to the expectations. The slow motion capture was all very Revelations, but the good thing is that Ubisoft knows what works. It'd probably be stale if they used it in the 4th game, but for now. It's just spankin' awesome. And the gameplay!! Whooooa so many new things to look forward to! I only hope it will be as amazing as they boast it to be. Battling on the high seas, new combat, new weapons, and best of all, new climbables! Assassins can now climb- wait for it - TREES!!! 8DDD. And then there's the weather/season changes, and wildlife hunting, and jumping into moving haystacks, and crouching in tall grass....man, with all these being revealed, its a wonder if there's anything else left for them to surprise us with. Whatever it is, I know I'm going to be pre-ordering the game, and if I don't have a suitable machine to play it on I shall rob someone/somewhere and get a decent PC. Somehow. Somewhere.

Did I mention how awesome the trailer music was? The track is called Damned, by UK duo Superhuman. Apparently they did trailer music for the movie Battleship as well. It was the perfect choice of music for the trailer, really. Almost as if it was...made for the trailer. Oh wait, it was. *shoots self* XD.

Anyways, I believe I have fangirled enough for now. Thank you for your time and haaaapy Monday! :D