Sunny Sun Sun!

It's Sunday everybody! I can't remember the last time I had an incredibly lazy Sunday, when I could wake up at 12 and look forward to doing absolutely nothing XD. I can't say I'm liking it too much, though. Can you believe the ironies of human nature. When we are busy as crap we wish to heaven we had time to breathe and chill. Now that our wish is granted, we mould and potate and wish for something interesting to do.

This is exactly when Buddha's teaching comes in handy. The middle path. Equal amounts of activity and rest is best. Not too much nor too little of either. Amitabbha.

Anyway, the onslaught of blog posts will probably have to wait a lil' while, not because I am busy or anything. Rather I am too free to get in the mood to write a blog post, haha. Also I am without a camera right now, so I can't take all the pretty pikchas that I wish to take. 

Anyway, more to come! Here's gif for ya: