Chewwy Afternoon

Happy Sunday! It's always so nice and cool in the first half of the day, but mid-afternoon the temperature just shoots up and the sun goes 'lalalala buuuuuurnnn!!! :D'. It's so annoying =3=.

Anyways, I was out adventuring yesterday. Due to the fact that I am overpriced-camera-less, I am now bringing Chewwy everywhere with me and taking random shots when I don't feel too lazy to take her out of my bag =P. I went to a little coffee shop for brunch first, and it's probably the first time I felt that I'd eat at the shop again even if I didn't like the food. The people there were interesting! Rarely have I been in a coffeeshop where everyone is hard at work, earning their daily bread, and yet all of them were chatting and laughing. For a bunch of middle aged working class they sure are a lively lot XD. But it gives you a nice, friendly feeling towards them all. Especially the way they treat everyone like friends, customers or fellow worker alike.

I didn't take any photos, though. Simply because I was too lazy to take the camera out of my bag immersing myself in the happy feelings around me.

After brunch I went off to Jonker street to walk around and pretend to be a tourist :P. One of my favourite pastimes, pretending to be a tourist. Haha. Because I was in lazy cheatable mood, I didn't want to mess around with editing and overexposed shots, so I set Chewwy to Lomo mode and went a-snip-snap :D.

Chewwy is beautifully non fussy and easy to use on a hot day. And the darkened lomo effect works well with the otherwise harsh, sunny photos, I think.

After that I made my way to DP where I met with the Shi Yea and we went a-shopping. Shopping in Melaka seems a bit dull, after the glamour and variety of the city, but it's still fun because all the places are homey and familiar :D. I still managed to get some articles of clothing at bargain prices, so that is always nice, isn't it?

How's the semester break treating you hardworked-out fellas? Hope the days are now filled with lots of sleep, good food, and chill out times!