Yummy Munchles.

Hello everybody~! This post is about food, so if you're feeling full, I suggest you to wait until you're feeling peckish before you read on :D.

Anyway, what do you guys usually eat at Makanlah? Seriously, my food choices are pretty much limited to Chinese of Malay rice (4 bucks), with the occasional sandwich or oblong (or, as Esmond would put it, obscenely long! Which is a weird ass lie to tell since the oblong does not look obscene neither is it long...I digress). But since today was special, we decided to try something we never had!

Shamiel and I had Indian food! 9rm a plate, but dayum there was just so much food! You could pretty much take everything on the menu, or all of one if you wanted. How awesome is that? And the guy at the counter was plopping spoonful after spoonful of rice on my plate, to the point of me having to go 'STOOOOP YOU PUT SOME BACK RIGHT NOW! O^O'. After he returned some rice back to the mothership, I settled on butter chicken, tandoori, fresh salad, and a spoonful of curry. Omg. How delicious was it, you ask? It was, amazingly delicious. Okay, so it isn't as spicy as I'd have liked it to be, but it was very flavourful. And the tandoori! Homg! So tender and succulent! I can't believe that Makanlah serves up food this good, lol. Of course, it isn't cheap, but so worth it. And a treat once in awhile is okay, no? =)

Here is what Esmond had, from the Kazakh corner. We saw someone walking past with a plateful of dumplings and we were 'O^O where did THAT come from???'

He ended up getting two for himself, amongst other things XD.

Can you believe this. 10 bucks for a plate brimming with good food. And the customer before us was like 'why won't you throw in another of that? It's too little!'. Are you insane, girl? This plate on its own can keep me alive for a whole day O_O;;. Anyway, Esmond's meal consisted of deliciously soft mashed potato, two dumplings, potatoes and chicken, something that looked like an oversized beef meatball, some salad/slaw, and a hunk of bread. Holy smoly. I'm going to have a whole plateful to myself when the new semester starts, I promise myself. Lol. 

Anyway, I'm going to continue my food fest by visiting all my favourite pig out spots in Melaka soon enough, so prepare to see me waddling up to you all fat and puffy =P. Nah, I kid. I shall work hard this holiday! I shall go for morning jogs and do some other form of exercise, somewhere somehow! 8D. Work with me, my fellow brethren. Let us all shed some pounds so that we will feel less guilty when we pile them back on 8D.

Time for shuteyes. Goodnight everybody! Have a happy Toosday!