Polka dotted artsy dinner movie!

A.k.a I've run out of interesting blog post titles =P. Bear with me, I'll get back into the swing of things soon.

 Hello everybody :D. I'm back on this side of the country, and ye gods it's hot T_T. It's hot everywhere,  but Melaka just seems to have spongier properties, the way it soaks up all the heat and humidity. Oh well. The price to pay for living in a country that has an unbeatable variety of good food.
I got Chewwy back, yay! Charged her up well in time for dinner with my sister. She took me to a cafe near Jonker whose name I can't remember. Lol. All I know it specializes in 13 states coffee, but that's not the name of the place. 

 The cafe was beautiful though. It's cosy with warm lights and painted wooden furniture. And hanging overhead were a dozen mini disco balls. So pretty! They also have a lot of kitsch decorations strewn about the place, making it look both artistic and casual.

Love the quirky signboard! And the converted retro telly-cum-aquarium. Very clever! Not only that, they also have shelves full of old knick knacks and relics from the past, like washbasins and kettles and whatnot. And lots of coffee jars and cans because that's what they're all about.

I especially liked this particular wall because it was so colourful! And the canvas paintings are just perfect on it. It reminds of something out of a Jimmy Liao artbook:

The cafe has a really nice weekday dinner set: for under rm30 you can get main course with soup, drink and a custard dessert. My sister and I both had mushroom soup:

And I had salmon with teriyaki sauce while my sister had chicken with mushroom gravy. The mash was garlicky soft and very delicious. Both main courses had a side of boiled vegetables and cucumber and tomato slices.

And dessert was custard in shot glasses! My sister had chocolate oreo, mine was strawberry. So yummy! One was bitter and the other was sweet-sour; both were perfect together. The shot glasses were small, but the miniature portion was just the right amount to end the meal.

We went for Madagascar 3 after that and...well. Haven't laughed that much in a long while. That much and that loudly. But the movie really was that entertaining and hilarious; everyone in the audience were in stitches. The odd thing about it is that after the movie I barely have any recollection of what I was laughing about .___. Strange but true. Not that I mind watching it another time. I would, and this time I'd watch it in 3D 8D.

Oh, I did remember this though:
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Awwyeah, rock that crazy ass rainbow afro, lol. 

Tune in to more posts soon folks. Celebrate for it's Friday tomorrow! Come down to sunny Melaka! Make a date to eat at 13 States cafe or go watch Madagascar...or do all three! :D