I've been away for so long, but all is well, and the semester is now over :D. It's been a gruelling 15 weeks, packed completely with activities! It was almost as if there was never a day that went by without me working on something. One assignment after another, cooking, cleaning, going to places, events, celebrations, and of course, sleeping and going online XD.
I think my eyeballs are going to pop out of my head soon. I spend more time staring at the computer screen than sleeping these days. 

Anyway, now that I'm free to do plenty of things, expect many a blog post coming your way. I should be returning to sunny Melaka next week to stuff myself with food and sleep and game and do whatever other activity I wish to do. 

I wonder if anyone of you experience a withdrawal symptom after submitting that last assignment? The bewildered sense of freedom and the '...what now?' question in your head. Haha. Anyway, what with all the busy-ness of the semester, it shall be nice to sprawl out and relax now. 

I feel like potato pancakes. Haha. Tune in to moar posts soon folks :D. TGIF!