Wilt and Blossoms

I don't suppose many of you know that I lost my MP4 pouch. Or that you know that I even have a pouch for my MP4. Maybe you don't even know that I have not one, but two MP4s to begin with.
Now that you know all of that, yes. I lost my pouch.

But then my mum went and bought a new one for me!

Isn't it pretty? She bought it for RM12.90 in Tokyo Street, Pavilion. It's a whole lot girlier compared to the black and white stripy one that is now lost to me forever. But it's so oriental and pretty! And I love the material- it feels soft and has a nice leathery texture.

First day of October, friends. I hope all of you enjoyed today better than I did. With this pile of assignments before me to which I see no end of, all I want to do is go sleep. Yes, I shall go take a snoozle now.