And I'm back for the weekend! 8D. Going to be a crazy 3 days...got a cwapload of assignments to complete, most should be able to be finished quickly if I set my mind to it and get my ass working XD. It's all fun, yeah. It should be, supposed to be, will be. No complaints =D.

Got so many interesting things that I want to try out in regards to photography. It's not something quite so static; or should I say it's the static-ness of photography- the fact that there is hardly anything to create because it's all about the things that are already there- that pushes the photographer's creativity to the ultimate level. You have to think and look from all angles and manipulate everything in your surroundings in order to achieve near-perfection. I'm in awe at the ingenuity of photographers, and from hard work I hope to be able to grasp all those $k!lLz one day myself =D.

Gosh, when and why on earth did I start spelling $k!lLz like that?! Lol.

Anyways, start and complete them fancy assignments and I shall have more time to experiment and enjoy. I shall return with more rambles later =D.