Wow, Fantastic Baby.

Odd KPop post. I don't even know why I'm doing this, lol. You've been warned.

Fantastic Baby! Wow. Haha. I watched the mv on Luke's iPhone then I went and downloaded the song (arrrr...) and then I realized that THIS was the song I kept seeing on my timeline, in the form of Boom Shakalaka's and OMG-TOP-IS-SO-HAWT-*SQUEEEEEE* 


I still crack up every time I watch the video clip. Mr G-Dragon is half techno-Rapunzel, TOP's blue hair reminds me of the blue bits I see in my soap powder ("T-O-P: TOOOOP!!!!" Sorry, couldn't help myself. I do it every time someone says TOP XD), Taeyang looks like my scrubbing brush, and I never knew the other two doods existed.

...Yeah, I guess that's about how big a fan I am of Kpop. Haha.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not dissing Big Bang or anything. I actually listen to a bunch of their albums, and I actually like some of their songs. This Fantastic Baby song was awfully catchy too! Before you know it you're shaking your ass to it and trying to say 'Boom Shakalaka' with as straight a face as TOP did.

It gets to me. Seriously. Who says Boom Shakalaka with a straight face? Who? WHO? I can't get it out of my head @_@

the prophet blog
Here. This is the culprit, bloo hair and all.
AND THEN RIGHT! I realized one of the doods I never knew existed sported an industrial piercing. Whaddaheck. Why didn't I just go ahead and do it and not tell my parents? Now if I do go ahead and do it and not tell my parents, I'll have Kpop fans saying 'omg, you copied Seungri!!!' I should just go gangsta and get a cage instead. Though I believe my ear would pop out if I do, lol.

anal bleach
Yes, I went and Googled his name for my and your benefit. Google is nice that way.

Anyways that's enough for one night. Haha. Off I go.