Avenged Sevenfold

It was crazy. That's all I can say about it. Okay, well not ALL I can say about it, but if I had to use just one word to summarize the entire night, crazy is about the best word in all of language-dom that could describe it =P.
Can you believe it I brought my darn camera and yet once they started playing all I could do was shove my camera back into my bag and hang on for dear life. It was all I did not expect and more. The insane heat! Malaysia at its very worse. Hot, balmy night with occasional short puffs of breeze. Then the crowd. It was like. I don't know. Sardines? Vacuum packed peanuts? Something like that. So imagine a hundred truckloads of vacuum packed peanuts in a microwave. And then imagine the peanuts going crazy and popping about and turning into popcorn (I know that popcorn is very technically made from corn kernels, but right now is no time to be choosy with similes =P). 
That was later in the night though. At the beginning of the day I still had time to wander about online and lunch on nasi paprik and take photos at the bus stop and places on the way to the venue:

Look at the crowd! And this is only waiting to enter, at around 6-ish. We were in line at 5-ish, and the crowd just grew and grew.

 Game faces on, yo! Though honestly speaking I was mostly quiet up to the opening act because I wanted to conserve energy. I should thank Akito-sama I did, because after that it took all the energy in me to stay alive. 
I was certainly not dressed for the rocker scene, though (Sarah was absolutely impressive in her all black garb and leather bomber jacket). I was more dressed for the weather in my L4D shirt (v2.0!) and denim shorts. Thank gawd tho. I've never had my shirt COMPLETELY soaked in sweat until I could have literally wrung the sweat out of it. As mentioned, I did not take a single photo/video of the performance, simply because I had no chance to. I only managed to get a shot of the stage before the crowds came in:

And then after the night back in Desa we had a mini group shot, a bunch of tired, rocked out peepers:

I felt like the concert was a twee bit too short. Maybe because everything was just a non stop action-packed sweaty mob-filled rockgasm. I think there were more cons than pros to my experience, but hell. I saw and heard Avenged Sevenfold. Completely worth it. And it was certainly a one of a kind experience. Made me appreciate life, fresh air and cold showers a whole lot more 8D.

That's all for now folks! Last post for April, let us all usher in May with wide open arms! \   ^O^  /