It's Alive!

After the days of silence from me, I am back with much to say...AND THE NEW BLOG! *pops champagne bottle* 

Behold the breathtaking 360° makeover. From the bold Oriental, monochromatic reds of yesterday:

To the soft, pastel of the present:

It's pretty darn shocking, even for me, lol. All the pale turquoise and dusty coral. The previous blog felt so bold and in-your-face. This new one feels like a soft pillow. What on earth came over me? XD. 
Here comes facts. All the graphics were made by me: the header, sidebar headers, and buttons. It looks so soft and Copic like, don't you think? I guess it'd come as a shock to many that both main and side headers were coloured in Photoshop ^__^. I wanted the header to be a garland with things that I like inside it. That's why you see books and markers and Blooworm and Cauliflower smiling at you :D. After almost done colouring I realized it looked a bit dull, so I added the glitter texture for that wee bit of bling. 
I had to do a lot of homework to get the elements in exactly where I want them to go, seeing as I'm such a n00b in html/CSS. Followed a whole bunch of tutorials to do things like changing the sidebar margins, removing borders, amongst others. Made me realize just how much of n00b I am. But hey, I got the job done, right? I should pat meself on the posterior XD.

Did you see Totowo by the way? Did you did you? Isn't he adorable? ^w^.

It might turn out odd, though, if I got into major rant mode and swore my head off in this pretty blog. Guess it's another way to curb my temper! But even if I do, it shouldn't really matter since it's my blog after all and I can do whatever I want in here. I could jiggle about in a bikini made of bacon and no one could stop me. Not that I would jiggle about in a bikini made of bacon, but yeah. You know what I mean. Haha.

Have you any suggestions/comments to improve my blog? It'd be nice to know. I have so many things I want to blog about now that I'm free from the heavy assignments. It's time for the next half of the semester where we all go crazy for final assignments, but it's still in the sketching process so I guess everyone's taking it easy. Be prepared to see a bunch of posts coming your way in awhile more, lol.

Have a happy weekend! It's Bersih 3.0 today, and I hope the rally-ers are safe and that the weather over in the city is kinder to them then it is over here in Desa.