It's a public holiday today. Not sure what the occassion is. Some Agung-something? His birthday? Coronation? I don't know, and I'm not quite bothered to check. Oh well.

Because I am celebrating a totally different thing today. THE LOOSIT ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! 8D 8D 8D *pops champagne cork*

Amazing, it's already been a year. This time last year was end of sem 2 break and I was making my way back to Melaka, leaving my newfound lover in KL. LOL. I think I saw everything in a hazy pink glow then, haha. Kidding. I'm sure it's not as rosy-pinky as everyone says. I mean, you guys certainly felt like your stomach was dropping, right? Like a great black abyss just split in the ground and swallowed you up? You know, the whole adrenaline rush, the numbed feeling, the 'holy shit holy shit holy holy holy shit shit shit shit shit' chanting that goes with falling in love. The feeling that death was knocking at your door eventhough you'd already barricaded it and sealed all the windows and shit?

Everyone felt that, right? Right??? @_@.

It was such an eventful year though. So many adventures and eats and fistbumps and punches and tickles and pokes and smacks and strangling and screaming and swearing and bickering.

Wait, I'm sure I mentioned huggling and kishking up there somewhere, too. Lol. Oh well. 

Packed day today everyone! So so many things to complete in time for submission tomorrow. Plus a happy fancy shmancy mock presentation tomorrow! Boo yeah! We may not be celebrating today together, but we shall. Soon. Shoooon....*rubs paws*

Cheers to the LooSit! \^O^/. Love you Esmond Sit!