Rainbow Letters!

Cha-chang! It's me! In typographic form! =D. Yeah, this was assignment 1 for Typography class, and surprise surprise we had to make a self portrait of ourselves. Mine is more or less straightforward as hell, lol. As you can see I did not bother with multiple fancy fonts; the only one I used was Champagne and Limousines. Basically I am made out of words that I think represent or describe my personality/hobbies/interests. The fiddly part is when I converted each word into a brush and 'stamped' each word out, making sure that none touched the other and varying sizes. Tedious as crap, but the result was certainly satisfying. I don't really like how some typographic portraits have words just thrown about every which way so that you can't actually read anything. Not to say that it is bad, but it's a personal preference, yeah.
I like how the shading turned out though :D. The shading, now, was words jumbled up on top of each other to create depth and more solid form. Makes the otherwise plain portrait pretty darn spiffy, if I may say so myself. 
I'm happy with the result, I shall say that proudly. There're probably heaps others a lot nicer than mine, but I had the image of what I wanted to do in mind, and I'm glad the result came out almost like it, if not better. 

Stay tuned to more posts of my fancy shmancy assignments folks. I shall leave with this adorable Totoro gif in my wake:

via suzywire

Grin big all this week everybody! =D.