Lovely Breezes From The Past...

Lol, okay so I was reading my old posts and I couldn't help but recall my tendencies to fangirl over pixelated fictional characters. Such is the bittersweet of my childhood =P. So now I just want to...recall...my past loves. Haha.

WELL...my love for fictionally good looking men came about the dawn of the television and when I first got into the whole anime thing. That was a long long time ago, kids. Long before any of you probably heard about Japan, haha. Anyway, I started watching Saiyuki and I was like 'ohmaigawd who's that adorable green guy with the happy smile? XD' That was when I started going gaga over...Cho Hakkai. Minekura-sama certainly made the pig character of the original Journey to The West very attractive. Hakkai's calm, serene demeanor is Buddha-like, seeing as he has such annoying quest-mates, haha. And the whole 'truth behind the smile' thing. It's so cliché now that I look back to it, but it sounded so cool when I was a kid, lol. And Hakkai shoots chi balls! And cooks! And has a pet dragon that turns into a jeep! What's there not to like? 

 Then I started playing games like KOF and I met the one and only.

Yagami Iori. With his sexy maniacal laugh, swishy red hair and pretty purple flames. Ahhh.

I used to play KOF all the time just to play him and hear him laugh and shout lengthy phrases while he claws at his opponents, lol. 

Yagami Iori likes kitties and so should you!
Then later later when I slowly explored the world of pretty pixels I played DMC4 and Nero's glowing blue claw took my fancy. Lol. I wouldn't really say I fangirled over him, but I just thought his attitude was badass. So was his sword. And his glowing hand. Haha.

But then, of course. The only one dood then I went *fangirl fangirl squealsquealsqueal* about is...

...this guy.

Oh Gackt-sama. Why. Why oh why. 

I don't wanna blog anymore, lol. I just found out I'm reaching my quota limit and it hasn't even been half a month. You see what happens when I get too bored. I get online and waste my broadband quota and still remain bored. YOU SEE HOW DISASTROUS IT IS KEEPING A JOANNE IN UNPRODUCTIVE SPACES FOR TOO LONG. Now I'm going to be bored AND pissed off over my slow bband. Wtf. Moral of the story: sun your Joanne as much as possible to prevent wastage of resources. Amitābha.

Goodnight now everybody. Happy Sunday tomorrow!