Birdy Out of Cage

I'm going to be blogging from the previous weeks of April when you never saw my face around here. You've been warned. XD.

So I'm sure all of you remembered the fancy times when I ranted like an enrage warthog about being stuck in two places for extended periods of time. On the second weekend of April after much hard work and submission of assignments, Esmond and I went out on a two day shopping spree! Not that we bought much, really. But it was pure bliss to be finally out and looking at fresh new things. It was unfortunate that I was suffering from an awful sore throat and cough, but I enjoyed myself nevertheless. 

Thursday night was not short of excitement, though XD. After a day from mock presentation and submissions I came back from dinner with Esmond and his famileh tired and sore. I opened my cupboard to take things and put things in, and so brain dead was I that I did not notice one whit that I had a new occupant in the cupboard. Until Esmond flung the cupboard doors open dramatically at the last moment and pointed it out. And even then it took me a while to register.
Moral of the story: You do not try to surprise Joanne when she's brain dead. You will be sorely disappointed. 

Here's what I found in my cupboard anyway:

Yes, yes, YES! IT'S TOTOWO!!!!! ^O^
He's big, fat, and oh so huggable.

So fat I can barely put my arms around him when I sleep, but he's perfect as a tummy-warmer and for resting your chin on ^O^. Probably the nicest surprise I've had in a long while ^O^.

On Friday we went to Sunway for ramen and shopping. I think Ichiban Ramen has the tastiest ramen around. I love the broth, though it does smell a tad weird >w<.

 After walking round and round and going into countless shops we had tea at Krispy Kremes! The new attendant there was so nice and helpful. Talk about service with a smile :D.

I was quite prepared to go crazy and shop like mad but I ended up only buying two skirts on sale (30rm for two! Any awesomer and it'd be free 8D), one of which I wore the very next day to Pavilion. On a side note, it seems to me that I have this awfully big smile on my face all the time. But I had that annoying hoarse voice and cough. It's funny that I look so normal when I was dying inside XD.

Saw this adorable big yellow thing in Isetan, KLCC! Part of a mochi promotion. The melon flavoured mochi sample I got was yummy ^O^.

Esmond and I took the new walkway from KLCC to Pavilion after. It didn't feel quite so far compared to the last time I walked it. Back then it felt like it took forever to finally reach the other end .__. 
I managed to get what I wanted in Kinokuniya! The third and final installment of Howl's Moving Castle. Entitled the House of Many Ways. For some reason the imagery in my mind was a lot more dull and muted, compared to the brightness of the ones I have of Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in The Air. I need to read it a second time to polish and refine the images soon.
Anyway, there was this amazing spectacle outside Pavilion: rows and rows of Ferraris! It was some sort of gathering by the Ferrari Owner's Club, and the sight of so many beautiful cars was really something. But there's something strange when there's just so many of them gathered together. It doesn't look quite so luxurious as when it's just one car in the middle of everything. Still interesting though.

 Esmond was very colour-coordinated that day, yes.

The original intention for going to Pavilion was to visit a product exhibition at the top floor, just outside Tokyo Street. There were some pretty darn awesome ideas there. After that we went to Tokyo Street and came across this little dood:

The nights were spent hacking and coughing though D=. That cough took quite a while to cure. I'm glad it's all over now and I've got my sexy squeaky voice back XD. The week after was semester break, which I went back for a week with plans of going gangsta on the shopping. Hah. My plans were wiped away as easily as chalk off a chalkboard. I spent my waking hours sitting in front of me laptop working away on the 4-page comic that was due the week after. Then I got so mad I went 'fk this shyt' and went out to do grocery shopping on Saturday and bought 3 dresses and a pair of shoes, with enough groceries to last me a while besides. Anyway that one is done and happy, and all shall be revealed in the posts to come. And believe me there will be more.
Stay tuned :D.