Mini 'Date

Good day, folks! Yeah, some of you may be wondering at my sudden disappearance, after blogging almost continuously for so long. I've been sick and busy busy with the last days of the week before sem break. Had a couple of submissions as well as a mock presentation. Well I am proud to say that I submitted all I needed to and the presentation went very well indeed :D. Despite feeling rushed and completely drained afterwards, I'm just glad all went as planned. 

I do have assignments for the week long break, but I shall enjoy them. Now that there's the high speed connection and home comforts at my disposal. I still feel like shopping though. Haha. I went on a two day spree during the weekend but more is never enough, eh? XD. 

I shall post up photos of the shop-a-thon eventually. Right now my brain is in a different dimension and I just want to chill. Have a good week y'all! We're all going to work hard, sem break or not!