Midnight Shoe Post

Yeah, it's almost as if I've nothing better to do.

But, really, how many pairs of shoes does one girl really need? The answer is simple: a lot. Cause girls aren't like guys: there is no such thing as 'one-pair-fits-all'. As many outfits as one girls has, there should be a substantial amount of shoes to go with them. Haha.

As of now one of my more versatile pairs just got fugly beyond belief (pair of pretty pink flats that went well with almost anything, but they've been glued back together so many times they look more like glue sandwiches than anything else) and I want TWO NEW PAIRS 8D. Lol, I kid. But one pair would be nice! Something dressy yet casual and easy to slip into. And above all comfortable! The pair of turquoise loafers  I got are now a wee bit slippery and I find myself skidding about cement floors more often than not. I really hope I don't end up in another tragedy anytime soon, lol.

Anyway, I went a-google and look at what I found! Pretty shoes!


 Look at the prettiness of this raffia shoe! The pattern on it reminds me of the pattern of my grandmother's needlebasket. It looks so unique and pretty. It just sucks like hell that the store does NOT ship to Malaysia. Argh =(.


This pretty baby has been on my wishlist for AGES T_T. I love the multicoloured glitter, compared to boring solid gold or silver or black.

Oh my good golly gosh, I cannot be the only one in love with this gorgeous coral colour!!! I've never actually had a pair of pointy-toed shoes, so I'm not quite sure of the shoes on top, but I love the sneaker-like bottom ones! It looks so light and easy breezy wheezy! They look like they'd be totally at home with shorts or skirts or even a casual summer dress ^O^. I wonder if Topshop in Malaysia has it. If they do, then prepared to see these babies on my feet soon, price willing :D. 

Okay, I think that's enough for one night, haha. Sleepy time! I shall dream of pretty footwear and swishy outfits till it's time to wake up for morning rituals. Good night everybody!