Lunch Break

Haha, I love looking at food when I'm hungry. It makes my tummy rumble and my mouth water even more. And then I enjoy my next meal more than I could ever imagine possible XD.
So last Monday Esmond and I went to Street Mall to satisfy my lust for spicy Indian food. We went to the Indian restaurant over there (can't remember the name) and man, it was surprisingly good! We weren't quite sure about portion sizes, but we were glad we agreed to split the order when the food came. 
We had mutton biryani and a potato naan:

The biryani comes with a side of cucumber raita and curry- yummy!!! It was deliciously spicy, and the mutton was very tender. The fried egg on top came as a surprise, lol. Wasn't expecting it at all. The naan had mashed potato and spices inside. Super yummy! But really filling; I don't think I would be able to manage it on my own. 

The restaurant had probably one of the most impressive menus I've seen in a restaurant as small as it was. The photography was impressive! I did not take any photos but I certainly will the next time I go. And I will most definitely go again, for the food and its prices! The individual prices are not exactly cheap, but what surprised me was that there was no tax. The bill, when it came, was a happy surprise for my wallet and I :D.

What are you all having for lunch today? Hope it's something yummy! Happy Monday everybody!