I wanna dance in a field of flowers and be freeeee~~~

Hello everybody, how's the weekend treating you so far? I've never quite felt so unmotivated, lol. SO many things to do, and yet I can seem to summon the powers to get them done. Teh force is weak in this one, lol. But I'll whack my lazy ass up and running right after this. Pinky promise.

One more week to the semester break! My goodness, it's already been half a semester .___. What's up with the world yo? Quit revolving so quickly and slow teh shit down. Lol. 
I need to stop going gangsta on the babble. Apologies.

Holy shit 10 more days to Avenged Sevenfold's concert and I'm still ticketless! Oh noes! Will they still be on sale I wonder? Sure hope everything works out. It's gonna suck balls when I'm all geared up to be sweaty and screaming with hundreds of other fans in a confined space, lol.

I shall refrain mentioning that I want to go shopping. Though I still do, and the list of places is growing slowly but surely. Oh noes I've went and mentioned it. There you go =P.

Oh, oh, good news! I've been working on my bloggy and I'm proud to announce the buttons have been created, tested, and confirmed to be working fine 8D. I found a bunch of very helpful tutorials that aided the html n00b in me. Besides that, I have also prepared the lineart for the blog header AND the sidebar headers. Boo yeah 8D. I haven't quite decided on the background yet, but it'll probably be a nice plain white. Or something. I'll figure that out once I've completed the header and whatnot =D.

There, ramble done. Now for a little nap before I get industrious XD.