Good morning my fellow brethren! Only two more days left of April. Another month just passed us all by yet again.

It feels to me that this semester is all about Native Americans, lol. First it was the dreamcatchers, then the presentation for Design Heritage, and now my marker illustration assignment. Even the comic one had feathers and sacred talking trees. Guess the tribal-native in me is coming to life =P. It came alive enough for me to work on this anyway!

Nodin is the Ojibwe/Chippewa word for wind. And that was what I was trying to get at in this picture. Basically it's a non-too-conservative girl having a race with her spirit deer in a forest. I tried hard, lol. Yes I did. I wanted to do something a bit different, hence the oval frame. And I tried as hell to do something different with the markers. I realized I never really mastered the technique of gradients, particularly with two completely different colours. That's why I tried it out in this piece, blending lots of colours that are usually not so compatible with one another. I think I still need to work on my colour palette $k!lLz, lol. 

I love the feathers of the headdress tho ^^. And the bikini. And her skin though you can't fully appreciate the soft shadings I did. For some blardy reason the no-good scanner in Miso sucked the colours out of this and now it looks a tad bit unflattering. In the real thing the oval frame is almost glowing, but here it's a bit hard to see because it's kinda dark. Nevermind, stare harder and sink into its magical beauty :D.

Yet again, I realized that in comparison with the other submissions I saw, mine did not look like the others. Not that I can tell if it's in a good way or not. Oh well. What do you have to say about this? Comments and critiques will be greatly appreciated :D. Better yet if you could amble over to my deviantart account and hit the fav button, lol.

I shall wander away for the night, as I will be going for the Avenged Sevenfold concert...wait what you didn't know? .___. Oh well. Now you do. Here's hoping I'll get some pwetty shots this time, haha. Whee! Happy Sunday everybody!