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It's the three day weekend again, yay! Be prepared to see a minor avalanche of posts from me due to much boredom and wanting to do anything else but assignments, lol. 

My morning was spent pottering about the place cleaning the floor and washing things and pooping. Haha. The need to clean and rejuvenate tend to overcome me when I'm bored or in one of these evil moods of mine. At least that's something good coming out of it all. 
Anyway, I was poking about my harddisk when I came upon my files from foundation. And I was like...whoa. Joanne. You made that .___. I did remember feeling a tad bit depressed when I working on my stuff; I kept thinking they weren't good enough. Now I'm looking at them again and I'm thinking 'man I should do something more epic than this now'. 

Analytical Drawing with Ms Yen Huei! It was all perspective and quality of lines and stuff. I looked at the Inspiration Machine (v 2.0, lol) and...well. I haven't actually done any artwork that incorporated such perspective before, lol. And I certainly should, for it makes all the difference.

In the final assignment we had to do some pencil portrait which I can't quite remember anymore. But I certainly remember working on this Beijing opera performer. Ye gods, all those details were quite the killer. But looking at it now, I know it could've been a lot better, particularly at the headdress area. I should've darkened some parts so that the little details would stand out more. Oh well. I thought it was pretty darn awesome when I finished it, and I guess I still do now. Haha.

Here we have the magical finale of the class that I can't quite remember its name (Creative Studies was it?) we had to juxtapose ourselves with something else and I chose an Oscar because I'm awesome that way =P. That's me on the rainbow dragon by the way *points*.
This whole thing was done in markers. Which I honestly darn well thank God I did because it took me ages to do, lol. Without the speed of markers I don't think I ever could've submitted it.

Little collage I had to do over sem break for Design Fundamental class (with happy Mr Eric! Oh those were the days). I had a lot of fun doing this, though I am perfectly aware how terrible this photograph is. Oh well. 

Then there was the second semester where we all went gangsta on paints in Colour Studies, and Esmond, Shakir and I made this awesome four panelled thingy (I did two because I had too much free time) .

And then there was Creative Technology with Ms Koosha! And the whole comic thing that took up ALL of the CNY holidays! This was the poster for it (I'm too lazy to post up the comic panels):

 I think it's blardy awesome, lol. I don't care what everyone says. 

And here are pages from the art journal we had to make. Mine came in a wonky blue cardboard box.


Apologies for the bad photo arrangement. I should be ashamed of myself, but I am not. Haha. 

Were you happy with your time in foundation? I know I was! I had so much fun it really sucked that it had to end so quickly. I'm glad I have so many colourful happy memories of my time in foundation. 

This is a very image-heavy post, lol. Enjoy it anyway and have a happy Friday! TGIF for everybody!