The nuts and bolts

So you all probably heard one time too many how I want to get an industrial piercing. But yeah, the parents decree that I may never get one in the forseeable future. So I can only content myself by searching for pretty industrial jewellery and wish I may have them on my ear.

I think jewellery design is something of a niche market, particularly the less popular piercings. It's all pretty safe with common motifs and shiny gems and whatnot, making hard to find something that is unique. Aren't skulls and hearts and random rude words a tad boring? There are some that are fairly interesting, though not the most original.

Body Art Forms
The candy cane striped barbells are pretty colourful, but with weird colour combinations. Or is it just the metallic sheen? I wonder if there are more colours than these. The lightning bolt one, however, is really pretty. I wouldn't mind one of those myself :D.

Painful Pleasures
 These heart ones are pretty too! Love the cupid arrow idea. And the winged heart motif has always had a special place in my memory. But, that said, that is basically all there is to it to straight barbells. There are the occasional coiled ones that look like springs, or some curved or wavy ones, but nothing more 'out there'. I suppose the only way to get something really unique is to have it custom made, thought that would be expensive and hard to come by.

This is your regular weekend ramble. Thank you for your time.