Before you ask, no, this is not an April Fools' joke.

Have you ever had the urge to do something? Or buy something. Anything. Something that gets on your mind constantly, something you just can't seem to shake off when you're working on something else. It can be a pair of shoes you saw on sale. Or maybe bungee jumping. Or melting a whole packet of chocolate and filling a chocolate tube with it and topping it with marshmallows and strawberries and eating the whole lot of it without looking in the mirror.

But right before you actually blow your money on your feet or jump off a cliff or get fat, you get yanked back. As if you were held by a short leash. Metaphorically of course. It'd be awkward if you really had a short leash around your neck. 

Have you ever asked yourself, what really made you not do what you wanted most?

I asked myself that very same question today. And I found that the answer was none other than love. Yes. Pure, simple love. Love for another more that is a whole lot stronger than the love for myself. This love I hang around my own neck; it draws me up short when I get some seemingly crazy idea and I think there is no stopping me until I've executed it. 

It sounds pretty darn emo, but there you go. Love. And nothing other than love.

Because honest to god, had I not have that much love for my parents, right about now I would already have this:

Ice Yarns

-on my bed, and this:


- on my ear.

I don't understand the harm in either, neither can I fathom the reason of me not doing them. But I don't because my parents say no and because I love my parents I will hold myself back from doing so, though I really do want them. 

Happy April Fools' Day everybody. Hope you're doing the pranking and not being pranked. Safest bet is to stay at home and cut off all communications until the day is over, I believe. Haha.