Okay, you know something's up when there's three blog posts in one day. =P. But you probably know the answer by now.

Gaah I am boooored. If the saying being bored to tears is not a metaphor and a literal statement, I'd be sobbing by now. I'd go out if I was not being held back by assignments, seriously. Which is really odd since I am up to speed with all my assignments, nothing is not on schedule. I just know that if I leave them all to the last minute by gallivanting around, I would most definitely be sobbing later. 
A change of scene would be nice, however. Anything besides dirty hostel floors or black campus walls. Anything but those, please. 
It's being cooped up in the same environment for too long. I have not seen anything besides hostel and campus for two weeks. You see if you don't feel a tad bit restless seeing the same things for that long.

Maybe it's also because March is ending and I want to squeeze as many posts as possible before April just because I don't want March to end. Lol.

When I can find the time to free myself just a little from assignments, I shall go shopping. Or to the zoo. Or shopping. Or a food spree. I feel like spending recklessly on random shoes and accessories and books and markers and bags and foods and candies. Up to you to decide which of the aforementioned items I really mean, lol.

Speaking of accessories, I've realized that I hardly ever do wear accessories. The only kind I have on at all times are earrings, but even then I never change them to something else. I guess I'm just afraid of messing up the outfit or ending up looking like a Christmas tree. I do like looking at accessories though. I love the idea of stacked bracelets, sweeping earrings, chunky rings and a waterfall of bead necklaces. Maybe not all at once, haha. Or maybe some quirky necklace or charms! Or what about something like this?
Poketo Art

Aren't they cute? And you can actually draw with them too! Though they would probably be a bit of an inconvenience if you're wearing white and you happen to rub off on your clothes.

I did wear some accessories the other day in Melaka: a dreamcatcher necklace and some turquoise Indian bracelets.

Those bracelets have a bit of a history actually. Three friends all wanted the whole stack of 18 bracelets, but none wanted to give in. In the end, the bracelets were split between the three friends, like forever friends necklaces. When I first read Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson, when Violet and Jasmine go halves on bracelets, it reminds me exactly of what happened between the three friends.

I wonder where the other 12 bracelets are.

And that was rambling ol' me again. Happy April Fools' Day everybody! March was fun while it lasted.