Pok Chop~!

Warning: This post about my dinner is not halal. You have been warned.

I went grocery shopping today and found 3 pork chops for less than 6 bucks. I've never cooked pork before though. But I went ahead and bought them and when I got back I slapped one into some garlic and salt and pepper and herbs and tabasco and popped it into the fridge. Then when it was time for dinner I spread a coat of corn flour mixed with basil on it before it slid into a nice hot pan of garlic infuzed oil. 

It was a splendid dinner today, that's for sure :D. I haven't eaten pork in a while, simply because it's just not so readily available in my current situation. It never actually crossed my mind to begin with until I ambled into the non-halal section of Carrefour today. 
Then there was that retarded mix-up about the price of two packs of sausages and I feared missing the bus back and having to wait for another hour. My God, Malaysians are just blardy slow. Blardy blardy blardy slow. I wish I could clone myself just to double the attendants' speeds but...yeah, I didn't. But after a long while I was refunded my measly 2 bucks and I shuffled over to the bus stop at top speed despite being weighed down by much groceries. The miracle was that the bus was late and didn't come round till 1.16. So much win! :D.

Ah, broccoli. And potatoes. And ketchup and mustard. The world is so beautiful with things like these around. 
I'm broke though, lol. But at least I won't starve till April ^O^. Don't you just love food? Screw not being slim and pretty. Eat and be happy! I think the diet doctrine is completely ineffective to me, unless of course by diet you mean a well balanced diet and not an 'all-of-one-thing-and-none-of-the-other' diet. Listen to good ol' Buddha! Live a life of moderation! Too much is not good; too little is bad too. Tis be a life of moderation for me. Amitābha

How was dinner tonight everyone? Hope it was as yummy as mine, halal or not. Have a happy Friday night!