To-to-to-to-totoro! ^O^

Yeah, it's beginning to feel like a Ghibli movie marathon XD. What can I say? I have a buncha movies to watch during dinnertime so I might as well go through them all. But if Miyazaki's films are all so lovable, I'm going to love falling in love every single night XD.

Like tonight! Or should I say yesterday night since it's already today? =P. I watched My Neighbour Totoro! I once saw a mini keychain of the Neko bus in a store and I wondered where it came from. Now I know 8D. The movie was just adorable. And so magical!!! The movie felt so fresh and back-to-nature with all the lush scenery. I especially loved the green sanctuary where Totoro slept. So fairytale like and dreamy ^_^.

Dangit, now all I can think about is getting a big cuddly Totoro plushie. Preferably an official Ghibli plush, lol. But those things cost a bomb. Maybe if they were priced in acorns it wouldn't be so bad XD.

Tomorrow I shall watch Spirited Away! Whee! ^O^