Of Beddings and Mirrors

Aromas Bedding from Aussino

Hello everybody, March is drawing to a close! I can't believe it; the time is just whizzing past with so many things to do. It's such a change to have each day packed with tasks, instead of mouldering at home with nothing to do and feeling completely unaccomplished. 

Anyway, here I am with another ramble. And on one of my very favourite topics- sleeping! XD. Oh come on, admit it that you love sleeping and that on most days you'd rather be curled up on your comfy bed than face the harsh world, lol. I know I do anyway, haha. 
One of my pet peeves, I realized, is the first world problem of mismatched beddings. It just throws my mood to snuggle and snooze off completely. It's obviously completely different from mismatching on purpose, because if you do intentionally mismatch, the result would still look co-ordinated. But I absolutely abhor having to have the bedspread in one colour and pattern and the pillowcase in another. It's  awful! I never understood how such a problem could happen. You only ever use one bedding set at a time, and when it's time for a change you strip it all off and throw the whole set into the wash. Where on earth did the other pillowcase from the other set pop out from?

Oh oh, I just found out something interesting. I've always been fascinated with these little embellishments I see on eclectic and Indian-themed decorations. Never knew what they were called until today! 

1. Erratic Needle, 2. Victoria Anfield Smith,  3. Little Works of Art
Shisha mirrors! Not to be confused with that sickly sweet concoction that people smoke out of those pretty glass hookahs. Otherwise known as shisheh, it literally means 'little mirrors'. It's a kind of embroidery where you attach little mirrors to fabric. There are no holes on the mirrors, so you need to use thread to hold the mirrors in place. I've always thought they look so pretty, especially how they capture and reflect little bits of light. I've decided to add this as in as another heroic feat when I've completed that rainbow blanket I was planning on making many moons ago. Now that I have money saved up, I shall maybe place an order for them fancy yarn then get seriously knitting before the next rainy season! It's amazing what you think you can accomplish when you're feeling industrious :D.

Falala, anyway, it's the weekend again for me! That means another 3 days filled with finishing assignments and preparing meals and chilling. I'll have to put the blanket project aside for a while more still and work on inking that comic assignment of mine. Based on a true story, it's actually my very first serious comic. I shall post piccies soon when it's all completed! In fact, I realize I don't ever post my assignments up here. Not to say I am not proud of them. In fact, I'm happy with what I've produced so far this semester. I feel as if I've improved, both in execution and mindset, when doing my assignments. So, yeah, I'm happier now :D.

Have a hap-hap-happy weekend everybody!