Talk about being a wet blanket...


Okay, so to those who don't know, I had this sudden manic urge to learn how to knit. And being the overtly ambitious person that I am, I heroically decided that I want to do an adult sized blanket for my first knitting project, and no amount of persuasion to do something on a smaller scale by kind souls could move me.
I wanted the perfect yarn for my blanket. And then I found THAT. That oh so gloriously magical yarn of many colours and much shimmers. Oh the beauty of that yarn. If a blanket was made of it, pleasant slumber and sweet dreams would come to the user by the sheepload. Whatever sheepload means.

It's so beautiful!!!! T_T. And the only reason why I'm not jumping to purchase it is because of it's ridiculous shipping costs. The yarn comes in 4 skeins a pack (each 360m/100g)...but after including shipping costs I'd be forking out 60 bucks. And since I insist on knitting an adult sized blanket I'd need at least 8 skeins...which will mean...100+. Oh God. Why on Earth is life so ever so unfair? T^T.

Anyway, if anyone is generous enough to donate funds for me to purchase the magical yarn, you are very free to do so (comment or email me angel sent from the heavens! Your karma shall be greatly increased by this noble donation!). Rest assured I will dream of you constantly as I wrap myself in the magical rainbow of a blanket next rainy season (or whenever I plan to complete knitting it).

Okay, that's all for today's rambles. Farewell.