Pretty Little Trinkets

Good morning everybody, it's Friday at last! It's been a pretty busy week, and now I have the weekend to work on my assignments and make em pretty. 

Oh dear, everytime I open my blog up I am met with the splashes of red that remind me constantly of the makeover that is loooong overdue. Well done Joanne. Well done.

I'm not sure why I named this post Pretty Little Trinkets, lol. Trinkets! What are they? Things you collect? Little items you just can't tear your eyes away from? Funny how sometimes you go shopping and you see little things you don't really have use for in your life but you just want them! ^O^. But if it makes you happy why not eh?. It's nice to be surrounded by little items like these, so that you can pause in whatever you're doing sometimes to look at one and remember the time you bought it, or what attracted you to make the purchase.

Nicer still if the trinkets were gifts from friends or a loved one. Not only does it remind you of some special occasion, but it makes you feel appreciated, no? To be able to cross someone else's mind when they were out doing their own thing. So the next time you go out, think about getting a trinket for someone! Your best friend, your mother, your dog, anyone! Maybe you'll see something that reminds you of your lover, or there's a store with awesome sales and you know you have to get just something for your sister. It doesn't have to be anything huge, even a bar of chocolate would be awesome, maybe even a handmade bobble thingy you made and it reminds you of that friend that makes you laugh for no reason.  You'll be making someone happy, and then you'll be happy too =).
It's pretty normal for people to want to receive presents and gifts from others, mainly because they want to feel appreciated and loved. And when they don't they're apt to feel disappointed or unwanted. When was the last time you received a gift? When was the last time you gave one?

It's like being reminded of someone and why you love them, and when you give them a trinket you remind them of that love. And who's to say no to a pretty little thing like pika-pika Domo-kun? XD

Pika-pika Domo-kun says 'Give A Trinket Today!'
Go give a trinket and make someone happy folks! And have a happy happy weekend!