I feel this great longing to work with markers now. To do something light and airy-fairy with the smell of Copics up my nostrils. I may be addicted to that nostalgic scent, lol.

Sordid | 2010

Looking back at my artwork, I am very much drawn to Sordid for reasons I can't quite fathom. I actually like the composition and the soft colours, though the background could've been a tad less cluttered. I'd like to try something similar again! A soft central focus with accompanying random and repeated elements. Only maybe this time I'd like a to have some sort of colour palette, lol.

Today I shall work hard at completing my assignments, then I shall attempt to work on something 
marker-y! ^O^. Go Joanne go!!

Hope it'll be a productive weekend for everybody~! Cheereeooo!